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Brands We Carry

Customer Focused. Customer Driven.

Making your problems our problems

Some Industries We Serve


Helping contractors meet deadlines in airfield rehabilitation, bridge building, DOT rehabilitation, highway paving, public transportation and other concrete structures.

Oil and Gas

Serving companies in many oil field services including but not limited to exploration and upstream processes as well as those building temporary structures, permanent structures and laying pipe.


Providing builders with the materials they need to build Colorado’s newest office buildings, restaurants, strip malls, shopping centers and entertainment facilities.

Multi-Family Residential

Offering solutions to a time-sensitive industry fighting to make early move-in deadlines put in place by owners of new and remodeled town homes, condominiums, lofts and apartments.

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Customer Focused

Customer service was once routine. Many ‘service’ based industries have lost sight of the very reason they are in business. Without our clients, we are not a business at all. We will never forget that.


As a family owned business, we have held tightly to the idea that the customer comes first and nothing will ever replace a trusting relationship. Our intention is to provide a small business feel with big business advantages.


Within the company, there are decades of construction understanding and experience. With exposure at SCP as well as previous positions, staff has been exposed to contractors in all construction-related trades.